Letter to the Editor by Michael Ferrier: WINAIR: A GIANT OF THE WORLD’S LITTLE AIRLINES!


I see the front page article of the SXM Daily Herald of December 29, 2022, and I beam with pride!!! “WINAIR has started to repay Dutch Government loan.”

Without any fanfare, without any boasting, without making noise,  this Government-owned airline company is standing tall by working with integrity and keeping on track with its commitments, both financially, as well as socially. It falls in the category of “Government Owned Companies, like N.V. GEBE, the Port of St. Maarten Group of companies, TELEM, and the Princess Juliana International Airport, but has managed to keep its head way higher than any of the other Government-owned companies on St. Maarten. With the guidance and support of a small, super-efficient three-person Supervisory Board headed by Georges Greaux Jr., son of the principal founder Capt. Georges Greaux, WINAIR is tightly run by CEO Michael Cleaver, CFO Robert Gibbs, Director of Operations Capt. Edwin Hodge, Director of Sales Claudio Buncamper, skilled and talented local/Caribbean pilots, and a dedicated group of support staff. It is the ONLY Caribbean airline that has managed to stay in business and thus aloft, uninterrupted for over SIXTY (60) years! So when Parliamentarians, active and suspended, only know to criticize and “pong” the Board and Management of our National Airline, I wonder where their sense of St. Maarten pride is.

BRAVO WINAIR!! Show them what it takes to run a Government Owned business successfully.

Michael J Ferrier
St. Maarten
December 29, 2022


  1. Thanks Masha. After careful selection your comment was chosen as the dumbest comment of 2022. Masha pabien with this achievement.

  2. Dear Michael,
    * When did you last go to the doctor? Maybe you are just short-sighted, or you have put on blinders – voluntary?
    * I wouldn’t go as far to suggest that you might have symptoms of arteriosclerosis or sudden insanity.
    * You haven’t read any newspapers in the last few years? If you had, you would have known that this acclaimed company diminished the salaries of its personnel with 25 percent, and cut various allowances too. The received payroll support – given by Den Haag – is never used for salaries, but was put in reserve to pay back the loan.
    * But, alternatively, some have suggested that this vomiting of words by Mr. Michael was just a paid advertorial by the worst airliner in the Caribbean, Winair itself.