Letter to the Editor: Thank you Kingdom Government by Michael Ferrier

Thank you, Kingdom Government, for treating St. Maarten residents like FIRST CLASS CITIZENS.

Making the COVID19 vaccine available to us. We received our shots even ahead of many citizens of Holland, which makes me and most of us that already got the jabs happy that we are part of the bigger-than-us-on-our-own-16-square-mile-half-of-an-island entity called the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

I do not agree with many of your tactics, like for instance how you dealt with “showing us tough love” after IRMA and a few more occasions, but sending us vaccines, feeding our hungry since the hurricane, providing resources for NGO’s to help those most in need, reflects the benefit of being part of a larger entity.

But maybe now we need more than just humanitarian aid and that will take a collective effort from politicians from both sides of the Atlantic.

Michael J. Ferrier
St. Maarten