More load shedding today as another GEBE engine fails


PHILIPSBURG – GEBE announced that more loadshedding will take place today in all areas as one generator malfunctioned resulting in 11 MW under capacity.

A message posted on their Facebook this morning page reads as follows:


“NV GEBE hereby informs the public that due to fault on one of our generators at the Production Plant we have fall short of 11 MW (Megawatt) of power. Due to this GEBE will be load shedding in all areas. An update will be sent to the media during the second half of the afternoon”.

This comes only a week after another unexpected failure resulted in prolonged outages and 2 weeks after disgruntled consumers protested in front of GEBE’s offices and spoke to management about solutions and communication about load shedding.

GEBE remains mum about incorporating alternative energy into their business model and allowing consumers to provide energy back into the grid which could help electrical capacity.

UPDATE 2.30 pm:

Another annoucement from GEBE released at 2.30 pm reads as follows:

Midafternoon UPDATE

NV GEBE hereby informs the public that our Production Plant has indicated that load shedding is scheduled to be completed around 6 pm this evening. Presently GEBE is maintaining the 90 minutes per area with the shedding of load. Should there be any changes we will inform you via a 3rd update.