Mussington: ‘Collectivité did not assume its responsibilities in elaborating PPRN’ | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–Territorial Council Opposition Leader and President of Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) Louis Mussington, delivered his New Year message Thursday, touching on issues such as the social crisis, the natural risk prevention plan PPRN, reconstruction, budget priorities and education and training.

Commenting on what he described as the “social explosion” that closed off 2019, he said the warning signs about the PPRN had accumulated over time. “The feeling of exclusion, the non-respect of the socio-cultural reality of the territory, prohibition to rebuild in certain areas without an economic fallback solution for families concerned, and the lack of efficient management of the “50 pas géometrique” file” are factors that triggered the revolt,” he reasoned.

The Lacroix Mission is currently analysing the PPRN situation in St. Martin to make proposals to the decision makers in Paris. “Let us hope that the decisions taken between the two ministries will be in the general interest and not against peace and social cohesion” he said.

Mussington accused the State services for being responsible for “degradation of the social climate” and the Collectivité of being equally guilty in not fully assuming its responsibilities in elaboration of the PPRN and management of the “50 pas géometrique file”.

On reconstruction he said he wanted to see “a new dynamic” breathed into the spirit of reconstruction, regretting that “as far as the public sector is concerned, we have seen a vast campaign of demolition but without any sign of reconstruction of this structural equipment.”

On budgetary priorities, he called for special attention to be paid on construction of a cruise ship pier in Galisbay, crucial for the wealth of the Marigot. Construction of alternative link road to La Savane is also needed to relieve the main RN7, he added.

He questioned the Collectivité on what it is doing about the run-down buildings in Marigot and what is the plan for refurbishment. That tied in with his call for the public housing policy to be defined and implemented. “Too many families live in deplorable conditions, especially after the passage of Irma,” he reminded.

He also returned to education and training, a favourite topic of his, noting that a large section of youth is in disarray as evidenced by the social crisis and stressed it is imperative to reach out to young people in the districts through social dialogue. “The creation of a second-chance school is a means of guaranteeing and facilitating their employability on the territory.”
He described the partnership between the Collectivité and State as an “indispensable element” in building the future of the territory. He said it is time to put an end to the quarrel between two personalities who, each by their function, have a fundamental role to play in the harmonious development of the island.

In concluding, his final words were for the population. “At this time of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my best wishes for health and success to all members of the St. Martin community.
“I would like to express my appreciation to all those who are fighting to protect our environment, those who invest a lot in the education of our children and also those who are fighting hard on the ground to defend the right to live in dignity. Finally, I encourage all volunteers to continue their fight for the development of sport and culture in the region. Happy New Year to all.”

Source: The Daily Herald