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For many years, the Association of Beekeepers of Saint-Martin has been providing introductory training in beekeeping. It is primarily intended for beginners who wish to discover the world of beekeeping through theoretical and practical courses.

The objective of the association chaired by Dorvan Cocks with his passionate secretary "Sandy" at his side is to promote, protect and develop in all its forms the breeding of bees, the production of honey and other hive products. .

"We are also setting up the means for the distribution of beekeeping products or derivatives, as well as the protection, prevention and fight against bee diseases", specifies "Sandy", before adding "For this, we train our members  and set up training each year for neophytes and more experienced alike”.

Thus, the initiation training will take place over two days this year from May 29 to 30.

The improvement will take place over three days, from May 31 to June 2 and is aimed at amateur beekeepers and professionals.

The theoretical training will be carried out by the animator of the  beekeeping sector accompanied by a professional beekeeper at the economic, social and cultural center rue de Hollande.

As for the practical part, it will be ensured on the apiary of a professional beekeeper of Saint-Martin, breeder of queen.

For experienced beekeepers and agricultural technicians, this training will enable them to acquire the essential concepts for professional beekeeping. They will be able to develop their exploitation by a rigorous selection of bees. Thereafter, they will be able to accompany other beekeepers. What a beautiful hobby! _AF

For more information : tel: 0690.65.85.85 and 0690.87.06.92

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