NWO organizes six public meetings in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom

THE HAGUE – DUTCH CARIBBEAN – The Caribbean Research program of the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) is developing a knowledge agenda with residents of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. This knowledge agenda maps out where the most pressing social questions lie and how scientific research can contribute to a solution. In June and July 2024, the NWO will organize public meetings on the six islands to ascertain whether the content is being recognized.

The knowledge agenda was prepared based on extensive surveys amongst residents and researchers of the six countries (islands) on social issues in 2019 and 2021. Following the meetings, ‘community conversations’, in June and July, the final knowledge agenda will be prepared. It is presented during the Dutch Caribbean Research Week in October 2024.

Sustainable scientific research from the region
Scientific research has a solid foundation in the region with the structural annual contribution of €2,500,000 from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). With the launch of the Caribbean Research Platform (CaRP) later this year, the NWO is providing additional support to everyone involved in scientific research, with staff on all six islands.

Dates public meetings

The NWO will organize one public meeting per country/island each time, a ‘community conversation’ on topics of regional and local relevance. The topics include poverty, food security, climate change, and cultural identity. During the meetings, new topics can be contributed and existing topics can be clarified.

Interested in attending a public meeting?

These are the dates; more information will follow.

Aruba:             17th up to and including June 21st

St. Maarten:    24th up to and including June 28th

St. Eustatius:   1st up to and including July 5th

Saba:               8th up to and including July 12th

Curaçao:         15th up to and including July 19th

Bonaire:           22nd up to and including July 26th


Source: RCN Press Release