One Tete Lokhay and Emilio Wilson honored with large sculptures at Kenepa Garden Estate

Sculptures of One Tete Lokhay (left) and Emilio Wilson (right) have been placed on a large rock at Kenepa Garden Estate (behind Emilio Wilson Park) as a tribute.

Letter to the Editor by Henri Brookson

“Today is the day that the Lord has made. A beginning of the Netherlands recognizing the impact that their slave trade has brought about against humanity. For the first time Dutch Prime Minister Rutte has openly shown empathy for the suffering of the many slaves that were used to benefit the Dutch economy throughout the past decades and to which they proudly referred to as their “Golden Age”

“A prosperity built on the exploitation and suffering of many of our ancestors. Hopefully this is a first step in true recognation of the disaster the Dutch brought about in many lives”.

“I take this opportunity to honor two of our heroes, One Tete Lokhay and Emilio Wilson whose images I have attached to a big rock in Kenepa Garden Estate (behind the Emilio Wilson Park). Our two symbols of Emancipation”