Open letter to Minister Samuel

Drs. Rodolphe E Samuel,
Minister of education, culture, youth and sport.

Mr. Minister,
Good day

Yesterday, someone sent me a voice message on WhatsApp asking me if I have a second hand laptop for his son to study online because he can’t afford to buy one because he lost his job and his wife is not working at all .

My colleague at work has her son by her neighbor while she is working, and the neighbor has no time to attend any online class because its not her job and my colleague cannot leave her work to go home and attend the class.

On the class chatting group today a mother sent a message to the teach apologising to her because she couldn’t make it to attend the class meeting with her son because she’s working, now
If both parents are working from morning to evening and the kids ended up with grandma or baby sitter or a neighbor to watch them during the parents absence, who you think from the above mentioned persons can go online class or watch the kids homework.

Your Excellency, you should look at the issue from all angles, not from one angle.

Nightclubs, which are not free from direct contact between men and women open their doors every day from morning until midnight, casinos are open and all life systems work except for schools, which are more important than the aforementioned.

Your Excellency,
If every school took the necessary precautions and abided by the safety laws, our children would be safe and secure.

I am talking to you Mr. Minister as a father of three children and I work from eight in the morning until seven in the evening, and my wife can’t handle it by her own, and there are many of us on this island. We ask you to reopen schools so that our children receive the correct education. It is impossible for parents to replace teachers.

And accept my sincere respect.

A concerned parent.