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MARIGOT:  President Macron convened a video conference this Thursday, January 27, 2022, with all the elected officials of the overseas territories subject to the state of health emergency. The President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, Daniel Gibbs, participated in this meeting on the health situation and its consequences.

President Gibbs recalled that although we have an autonomy guaranteed by Article 74 of the Constitution, we are not competent in matters of health. We therefore depend on the decisions of the State, and these have a direct impact on our economy, which has already been weakened by  hurricane Irma 2017, essentially based on seaside tourism in a very competitive regional context.

The President of the Collectivity has also pleaded with the Head of State for a rapid and substantial increase in local hospital resources, in accordance with the wishes of the Executive Council, unanimously formulated in September 2020 and February 2021. He also hopes that the situation of the suspended hospital staff will be settled with humanity, adaptation and discernment.

Daniel Gibbs also wished, for the weeks to come, the quickest possible lifting of the state of health emergency, if possible before the deadline of March 31, 2022. He recalled that the people of St. Martin, for two years, have “played the game”: “They have respected the restrictions in force, even if they have been, rightly and thanks to the pragmatism of our Prefect, less painful and severe than elsewhere.

The president alerted the highest authorities of the State on the weariness of the population, concluding his remarks in these terms: “we cannot imagine living under a permanent state of exception”.

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Source: Faxinfo https://www.faxinfo.sx/2022/01/27/overseas-health-situation-update-via-video-conference-by-president-macron/

Source: Faxinfo https://www.faxinfo.sx/2022/01/27/overseas-health-situation-update-via-video-conference-by-president-macron/