Oyster Bay Beach Resort conducts neighborhood clean-up


OYSTER POND – The Management, staff and guests of Oyster Bay Beach Resort led a neighborhood and community cleanup effort on Friday morning March 24, 2017.

The Oyster Bay staff was joined by timeshare owners and condo owners staying at the Resort. The crew, totaling 35 volunteers spent about two hours cleaning the Oyster Pond Road from Bishop Hill junction all the way down to the Resort. Cleaning the road side of debris and discarded trash.  They collected around 30 bags of garbage that ranged from beer bottles, plastic cups to discarded car parts. 

“Our first clean neighborhood clean-up took place in 2010 so I am very proud to see that after 7 years we see less and less garbage is collected, hopefully one day in the near future we will not have any more garbage to collect”, said General Manager, Ricardo Perez.