Oyster Bay Beach Resort organizes snorkeling day for I Can Foundation kids


OYSTER POND –  On November 1, 2016.  Oyster Bay Beach Resort Human Resources Supervisor Mr. Adil Benjamin, together with Lighthouse condo owner Mr. Kamal Daya, have been dedicated volunteers and mentors for kids residing at the I CAN Foundation.  Their latest initiative was an a snorkeling day outing for some of the children.

It was a fun and active day where the children were provided with snorkeling gear and instructions of how to approach the activity in a responsible and safe manner. After the snorkeling the children were invited experience a complimentary lunch at the recently remodeled Infinity Restaurant.  ”It gives me great satisfaction to be able to give back to society by organizing such events. If we want Sint Maarten to continue to flourish it is important to invest time in the youth, since they are the future.” ”Said Adil Benjamin, Human Resource Supervisor and organizer of the outing with Mr. Daya.”

Ricardo Perez, General Manager added “I am very proud to see our young executives at Oyster Bay Beach Resort volunteering their time for the good of the community.  It is also great to see how owners of property on the island like Mr. Daya take an active interest of improving the living standards of those who need it the most”

About “I Can Foundation”:

The foundation established a foster home in 1996 where children were placed from the The Court of Guardianship. Their first residents came in 1998 and since then they have given shelter to over 30 or more children. They also provide shelter for children from the neighboring Islands. Located at Madrid Dr. #55 Lower Princess Quarter St. Maarten.