Oyster Bay Beach Resorts honors Maintenance Staff at Appreciation Dinner


OYSTER POND – The Oyster Bay Beach Resort as part of their continues efforts to show their appreciation for their staff organized a dinner for their Maintenance Staff to honor their hard work, quality of work and dedication to the Resort.

The dinner was held in the newly renovated Infinity Restaurant located within the Oyster Bay Beach Resort where the Maintenance staff had the opportunity to try the new menu. “Since most of our maintenance staff is in direct contact with our guests we also wanted them to experience the food served at Infinity Restaurant so they can share with the guests, family and friends”, said Ricardo Perez, General Manager of the resort.

Every year we organize a get together where Management has the opportunity to relax and interact with the staff outside of work. We believe that our human capital is the most valuable asset of our organization, said Mirurgia Brown, Human Resources Director.