Parking on the beach


KIM SHA – In what has become a common sight, albeit an eyesore, on Kim Sha beach is the parking of cars on the beach by their disrespectful owners.

On any day, beachgoers can be seen ‘tailgating’ from their car while lounging on the beach. Others think it’s ok to park their cars as close as possible to their favorite beach bar or restaurant destination.

These persons not only disrespect the natural environment of St. Maarten, our only tourism asset, they also pollute the beach with motor oil dripping in the sand while also risking crushing turtle nests.

The beach should be a clean and natural environment for all to enjoy, not become a parking lot for those too lazy to park their cars in the nearby public parking lot, which is free of charge.

One wonders when the Police will start to hand out heavy fines for these types of infractions.

In the meantime, we encourage our followers to post pictures of those persons continueing to park on our beautiful beaches.







  1. If the islanders don’t take more pride in their beautiful island and beaches then visitors will follow their example , tourism will suffer and as a result the people of Sint Maarten will be in deep shit.

  2. Take photos of cars with license plates and send them to the government with a demand action be taken. Otherwise, just let the air out of the tires.

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