Prime Organizes 4th Annual Thanksgiving Drive 

SINT MAARTEN (COLE BAY) – Once again Prime Distributors Team was on the road, this Thanksgiving Day for their fourth annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Although every year we are faced with different challenges, we try our outmost to continue with this drive. 

We have seen the growing need throughout the years that our community needs more of with types of initiatives and we are very happy that we have been able to do so for the last 4 years. 

Prime Distributors is one of the largest distributors on the island and we understand the importance of corporate responsibility, therefore we assist wherever we see the possibility of doing so. We would not be able to do this without our partners, our sister company CC1 St. Maarten and suppliers (Nestle, Nabisco, Kraft, Maggi, Hunts, Kellogg’s, E.J. Gallo, P&G, SMJ, Perrier etc.) and for that, on this day we too, are grateful. 

We are also thankful to our dedicated team, that ensures that this happens from collection of items to final distribution, without their team effort we would not be able to execute this project.  This year we were able to increase our bags to 175 and were distributed in the following neighborhoods: Cay Bay & Dutch Quarter with the aim that this quantity will continue to grow as the years go by. These packages were filled with various consumer products like milk, non-perishable items etc. that they could immediately use. 

Holidays are meant for families / communities to come together and create memories and what better way to do this than by sharing with those that are going through trying times. Today’s economy is challenging and we know that although we cannot give a helping hand to everyone, it is our goal to contribute in any possible way.

We would like to encourage the rest of our business community to contribute any way that they can. Our business community has been a key factor during these trying times in helping us maintain a functional economy.

Prime Distributors, hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day and we hope that this serves as a reminder that every day we have many things to be thankful for.