Rain Forest Adventures employs 60, will add another 20 jobs

Panorama views of Rockland Estate.
Panorama views of Rockland Estate.

~ Discussions with VROMI ongoing for a filter lane or the original roundabout ~

Cul de Sac – In a media tour hosted by Rain Forest Adventures (RFA) for local media, Sales & Marketing Manager Julie Zambrini confirmed that RFA currently employs approx 60 persons and this number will grow to 80 once RFA reaches full capacity. 600 applications were received at their job fair held earlier in the year from which the current employees were selected.

In an invited comment, Zambrini also confirmed that RFA will officially opens its doors on Friday November 24th from 10 am – 5 pm and open throughout the weekend and each weekend thereafter and on cruise ship days starting on December 4th with St. Maarten’s first scheduled cruise call. The local restaurant on site, Emilio’s, operated by Sue and Norman Wathey, will also open from Friday onwards for lunch and dinner.

The media received an extensive tour of the site which featured Emilio’s, the museum, the chair lift and for daredevils a fast ride down the zip line, the steepest one in the world.

Asked what the exact plans are for the traffic entering and existing the estate, Zambrini said “discussions are ongoing with the VROMI department” about a filter lane or for the original plan which had RFA put in a roundabout in the vicinity of the L.B Scott Road / Ball Park field.

Zambrini urged residents to come out to enjoy the park and its natural habitat especially now that RFA has a special for USD 54 per person for all day access available for the opening weekend only.