Recycling stations on SXM: an update from Bodine Beentjes


PHILIPSBURG – In an effort to learn more about the current status of the community recycling stations, SXM Talks reached out to Learning Unlimited 12th grade student Bodine Beentjes,  who was the brainchild behind the installation of separated garbage collection points (so-called Recycling Stations) in Dawn Beach Estates and Ocean View Terrace.

In an invited comment, Bodine Beentjes updated SXM Talks as follows: “My name is Bodine Beentjes, and some of you may recognize me from “Separate and Make a Change”. Two years ago I opened my first recycling facility in my own neighborhood. This was a great success so I followed up by opening two more facilities in Dawn Beach and Ocean View Terrace. These also showed a wonderful success.

A couple weeks ago I came up with something new, to battle another environmental issue, crucial to this island, which is littering. I call them “Can-Catchers”. Bodine-Beentjes-can-catcherwwwThey are horizontally constructed bins that collect roadside garbage. Roadside garbage is an issue that urgently needs to be combated. After just a week it was already full, proving once again successful. I am working on constructing more, seeing as this was just a test-run. After construction these new “Can-Catchers”, I will return to the recycling facilities because that will always be the better alternative.

SXM Talks understands that the company Sint Maarten Recycling owns the recycling bins on PondFill road which have been placed there for several months and collects the separated plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard waste from that location at least twice weekly.

In a comment on SXM Talks Facebook page, a company representative of Sint Maarten Recycling stated: “The single stream line recycling: means you can 20160514_080318_resizedput in the same bin your glass, aluminum (soda cans) and plastics. We at the recycling park will sort everything accordingly. The cardboard is separate as it needs to stay dry. Pizza boxes need to be clean else they will contaminate the rest of the batch. We empty the bins every 2 or 3 days. If you have more than you can bring at the bins you can always contact us at T:543 0155. We are working on getting more bins at the other districts”.

Another commentator on SXM Talks Facebook page pointed out that in the Terms of Reference for Waste Collection a provision was placed to have at least 2 recycling bins placed in each of the 8 districts on St. Maarten.

His comment stated: “To everyone mentioning that more recyclable waste bins should be placed: in the Terms of Reference for Waste Collection it was stated in paragraph 2.4.4 that each parcel (8 of them) will have at least 2 recyclable waste collection points and that recyclable waste should be collected at least once a week”.

SXM Talks applauds the ongoing recycling efforts of local LU Student Bodine Beentjes and encourages Government to ensure that the Terms of Reference are being followed by the Waste Collection Companies in order to have the mandated Recycling Stations in the 8 districts (parcels) of SXM sooner rather than later in an effort to curb the amount of garbage going to the Dump.