SINT MAARTEN: A major beach clean-up organized on Saturday June 8 as part of World Oceans Day | FAXINFO

Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC), St. Maarten Nature Foundation and Plastic Free SXM are teaming up for a beach cleanup on Saturday, June 8, in honor of World Oceans Day. Cleanups will take place at Great Bay Beach, Little Bay Beach and Simpson Bay Lagoon from 7am to 9am.

World Oceans Day inspires us to think about the vital role of our oceans and the urgency of conservation efforts. Pollution persists despite regular cleanings of the island's beaches. During the last major clean-up, more than 900 kg of waste were collected, including 346 kg of glass and 40% plastic bottles. Three organizations will be doing more this year, visiting multiple sites to raise awareness about plastic pollution that threatens local marine environments, public health and the economy.

“The Simpson Bay Lagoon frequently collects harmful debris from surrounding areas, posing a serious threat to marine life,” said Leslie Hickerson, director of the Nature Foundation. “Our cleanup is essential to protecting these waters and maintaining the health of the ecosystem.”

The public is invited in large numbers to participate in this eco-citizen day. _AF

Source: Faxinfo