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Lena “All elections are important. Voting is a right and it is also a civic duty! For these European elections, the stakes are high. We must continue to join forces. We live in strange times. It is absolutely necessary that the member states of the European Union always remain united. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. In Saint-Martin, we are lucky to benefit from help from Europe. If not for the reconstruction of Saint-Martin after the devastating passage of Irma. We were able to help the most vulnerable people on the island, all thanks to subsidies from Europe.”



Sylvie “It is always important to vote. Concerning the European elections, there is no shortage of issues this year. How to fight climate change? What response to the war in Ukraine? How to ensure the economic prosperity of the continent? With the European elections, now is the time to make our voice heard on the issues that concern us. At the local level, Saint-Martin benefits from European funds in many areas: health, education, tourism, environment, associations… very important aid for the economic development of the island. Without this help, I don’t know how we could get by.”



Philippe “I have always had the good habit of voting! I think that the European elections are very important even in a small territory like that of Saint-Martin. With the single currency the Euro, it is much easier to travel within European member countries.

In Saint-Martin, various projects in many areas have been possible thanks to European funds. This amounts to several tens of millions of euros. Let us also not forget that we were able to recover from Irma thanks to significant assistance from the European Union. Without her, we would have had the worst difficulty in getting back on track.”


Mathurin “I didn't find out enough about the candidates unfortunately but going to vote is important, taking the step is important for me. In Saint-Martin, people are less concerned. I try to raise awareness among the people around me to go and vote because there are issues on overseas issues at the European level. This is what guided my vote, on the candidates who took them into account. »



Jeremy “Voting is already a civic duty, we have this right to express ourselves as citizens and not voting is simply leaving the choice to others to decide for us. »




Thomas “Whatever anyone says, we need the European fund. Indirectly speaking, Saint-Martin needs France. On the scale of Saint-Martin, the European vote seems unimportant but we remain French, we have a French identity card and we are lucky enough to be able to vote. Internally I'm not sure that my vote changes anything but it's mainly the fact that we have this chance to vote. For those who do not have this right, we see what that gives. »



Yiraldi “I returned to the island a year ago and usually I vote by proxy. There, it was important to make the gesture and know that I have a choice in politics, to have a choice for my future above all. »

Comments collected on Saturday June 8, 2024 in different polling stations in Saint-Martin. _AF & _Vx

Source: Faxinfo