SXM DRAG RACE 2024: The crowd was there | FAXINFO

With 54 registered, including one woman, for this first round of the SXM Drag Race 2024, the public gathered in large numbers was able to enjoy an astonishing spectacle last Sunday on the portion of the RN7 between Hope Estate and Grand-Case.

Despite a slight delay due to unpredictable morning weather, the competition was launched with infectious enthusiasm and the usual applause. With a majority of pilots from Saint-Martin, the championship masterfully organized by the Association Moto Action du Nord (AMAN) nevertheless welcomed neighboring competitors from Guadeloupe (17), Saint-Eustache (2), Curaçao ( 4) and Anguilla (2). Competing for the best time in the Prostock, Streetbike, Maxiscooter T-Max, quads and scooter categories, the drivers showed their talent continuously from 8 a.m. to 15 p.m. The road safety awareness component unfortunately could not be developed among young people like last year with the last minute cancellation of the Safety Village. But the atmosphere of the SXM Drag Race 2024 was as high as the previous ones, exhilarating. _VX


While waiting for the second and final round of the championship which will take place later in the year, here are already the results of the SXM Drag Race for June 2, 2024:


1-GONSALVES Dale (Sint Maarten)

2-POCHAL Lionel (Guadeloupe)

3-HANANY Lény (Guadeloupe)

Street bike

1-LEMARCHAND Julien (Guadeloupe)

2-COUCHY Nicolas (Saint-Martin)

3-SUN Brunce (Saint-Martin)

Maxiscooter (100% SXM)

1-LAKE Adrien




1-HODGE-CARTY Kerrone (Anguilla)

2-CONNOR Shamol (Anguilla)


1er and sole participant: Chirlias David “SHY”

Source: Faxinfo