SXM Talks Heroes of the Year 2020: Frontliners of St. Maarten

Pictures from public domains of SMMC, SLS, Ambulance and various other sources.

PHILIPSBURG – It should not come as a surprise that we at SXM Talks have chosen all “frontliners” of 2020 as our Heroes of 2020 (aka our “Person of the Year”), following up PJIA whom were our 2019 “Person” of the Year.

As 2020 has proven to be one of the most challenging years that has faced our island as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents were literally in the hands of the frontline staffers ranging from St. Maarten Medical Center, the Ambulance Department, SLS and HCLS labs, the Police, Collective Prevention Services (CPS) and other Government employees at the Ministry of VSA to mention the most predominant ones.

We also salute all organizations that were instrumental in getting the COVID care units established, from the pavilion to the current Auxiliary Care Facility located opposite the hospital and the group of medical specialists that have been on St. Maarten since April assisting SMMC in its COVID-19 response since then. Last but certainly not least: the Dutch Government for funding much of the COVID related assistance including providing additional medical staff.

We also consider Frontliners to be the teachers and all educational professionals including all working at daycares for their tireless work in VERY challenging circumstances brought on by teaching remotely, use of PPE and following rigorous sanitary protocols for the majority of 2020.

To all of you we at SXM Talks say: THANK YOU!

Let’s hope 2021 will bring back a bit of normalcy back to our lives (although ‘normal’ will probably never look the same) and that we may recover from what has been a tremendously difficult year.