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MARIGOT: The vocational training and apprenticeship center that opened its doors on May 3, 2021, in Hope Estate has come to an end and the results are favorable.

Gladys Repetto, director and founder of the Académie des Métiers, is delighted with this first year of existence: “We are delighted with the first year, we have great trainers, the results are very positive. Now, we will work on improvements after this laboratory year, we know now what we must put in place according to the problems of the island. In any case, we continue to focus on quality.

With 210 students enrolled to date and 40 more by the start of the school year, the Hope Estate-based Académie Des Métiers is meeting the goals detailed at the 2021 inauguration. The school offers students who have just graduated from the third year of secondary school a range of courses from CAP, BAC PRO, and BTS to BACHELOR. The school also has CFA status, which allows it to offer apprenticeship training, as well as a series of professional certifications recognized by the State. The program includes human resources, sales, tourism, real estate, social work, beauty care, hairdressing, assistantship, and NRDC (Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations).

To expand its training offer, the Académie Des Métiers has recently received the authorization to open classes in a second, first, and final year in general with specific specialties new to the territory and now benefits from ESF (European Social Fund) financing which participates in the implementation of national public policies to act in favor of employment. To mark the occasion of this first year, the Académie Des Métiers team organized a morning photo session with about fifty of their students and the entire team. The occasion will also be used to feed the website of the private training center which wants to share their daily life as well as the atmosphere which reigns within the Académie Des Métiers. As a reminder, there is no selection right or age limit to join the Académie Des Métiers, even adults in search of training or refresher courses are welcome. For Gladys Repetto, only motivation counts.



Tel : 05 90 77 85 98

Aventura Mall, N°18, 1st floor (above the Express bakery) in Hope Estate

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