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MARIGOT: Last Thursday, the constitutive General Assembly of CARIF OTEF (Territorial Association for Orientation, Training and Employment in Saint-Martin) was held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Prefecture of the Northern Islands, Fabien Sese, the President of the COM, Daniel Gibbs, and representatives of the CCISM, the FTPE, the unions and the MEDEF.

The agenda covered several points, namely the validation of the statutes, the validation of the board of directors and the appointment of the office.

Thereafter, a general assembly took place to realize the establishment of this structure.

The association’s social purpose is to intervene in the fields of training and lifelong orientation as well as employment.

In this context, the State and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, members by right, note that the association is supported by the following missions:

– Information on training through the collection and dissemination of the most reliable and complete information on the training offer and jobs;

– Observation and analysis of the training-employment relationship and its evolution;

– Supporting public policies in these areas;

– Supporting and equipping the participants involved in these areas to meet the needs of the residents of St. Martin.

Given its missions as CARIF (Center for Animation, Resources, and Information on Training) and OTEF (Territorial Observatory of Employment and Training), the association:

– Constitutes a privileged place of exchange between the business world and the professionals of education, orientation, training, and employment;

– Promotes lifelong orientation and training by providing access to information on the reality of professions and their evolution, on rights and access to training, to make it more accessible to professionals, companies, and the public (young people, families, working people, etc.);

– Ensures a monitoring, diagnostic and prospective activity on jobs, employment, and training, to provide decision support for public policies, economic participants, and the public;

– Accompanies all professionals in the fields of education, training, orientation, and employment through the production and dissemination of information and resources on trades, training, and employment, by promoting cooperation and pooling between these fields and by offering a professionalization program;

– Stimulates innovation and experimentation in the fields of training, consulting, and support in response to the changing expectations and uses of the public and professionals.

In addition, the association:

– Administers manages all tangible or intangible assets that contribute to or participate in the social purpose or its financing;

– Participates in any structure whose purpose is directly or indirectly related to its purpose.

One of the characteristics of the association is to be based on a “business” approach in connection with the needs of the public, the territory, and the companies of St. Martin.

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