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MARIGOT: Last Wednesday, the Tourist Office launched its new website. Accessible from the same address ( in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, the site is more modern, attractive, and functional for visitors or future tourists as well as for local professionals whose services are highlighted.

The management team worked with the company Faire-Savoir based in the north of France so this new platform is a real showcase of the French part. It lists leisure activities, places to visit, restaurants and accommodations* in three sections (Discover-Profit-Stay).

Internet users are also invited to discover “really friendly experiences” via videos. Today, for example, “a day on a pleasure boat” or “a gyrocopter flight over Saint-Martin” are published. This section will be updated regularly.

It is also possible to search for an activity, a restaurant, a shoreline, etc., according to your desires thanks to the “inspiration engine”. On the home page, the user selects what he or she wants to do (enjoy the beach, have a drink, go shopping, learn about history, organize an event, etc.) and with whom (family, solo, lovers, etc.), then he or she clicks on “surprise me!” and gets a list of activities and services.

Each establishment mentioned is geolocated on a map and in addition, other activities in the area are suggested. For example, if a user looks at the page of a restaurant, he can also see on the same page the activities and leisure that can be practiced.

During the design of the new site, the management of the tourist office focused on the quality of the content in terms of texts, photos, and videos. Therefore, they hired a writer and a photographer for a mission. They visited as many establishments as possible and produced individual “cards”.

Each restaurant, each hotel, each activity company has a page with photos, a presentation text, and practical information. To ensure that the information provided is always up to date (and therefore not out of date), each socio-professional has personalized access to his or her page and can thus modify a text or add or remove a photo. Links are also set up to direct the Internet user to the professional’s site. Professionals who do not appear on the site can contact the office.

With this new site, the tourist office hopes to promote the French part and increase its audience. In 2021, the old platform had recorded 52,000 visitors (+625% in one year) and 202,000 page views. More than half of the visitors are from the United States, 21% from the metropolis, and 4% from Canada.

* If some beaches and other natural sites of the Dutch part are presented, concerning the commercial activities, only those of the French part is presented.

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