Top Caribbean Hospital seeks to provide relief for Canadians on waiting lists.

hccanada07032016CAYMAN ISLANDS:— Health City Cayman Islands, a world class hospital in the north western Caribbean, has opened an office in Canada to support Canadian medical practitioners who want to move their patients off long waiting lists for non-emergency procedures and improve their quality of life.

According to the group “We Are Your Ontario Doctors”, more than 113,000 Ontarians are on waitlists for hip replacements, knee replacements, cataract operations and hysterectomies, with an average wait time of 194 days before receiving their procedure. These wait times only track from the time surgeons decide to operate to the operation itself; the period to see the surgeon can range between an additional three and 12 months, according to the group.

The first order of business for Health City’s new Hamilton, Ontario location will be to facilitate treatment options for patients in Ontario and Québec.

“While we are known for our expertise in cardiac surgery, we also have outstanding surgeons in high need areas such as orthopaedic and bariatric procedures,” said Dr. Chandy Abraham, CEO and Head of Medical Services at Health City Cayman Islands. “We have the capacity, the skills and the facilities to treat patients from Canada and around the globe,” he added.

“In a perfect world we would be able to meet the demands of Canadians needing surgery here in Canada in a timely manner,” said Canada-based anaesthesiologist Dr. Cynthia Horner. “Given our current climate, this is becoming more difficult and Canadians are choosing to look for other options. For those patients who choose to travel abroad for health services, Health City Cayman Islands is a great option. The facilities are modern and comfortable with state-of the-art-technology and equipment. The physicians at Health City are committed to providing the highest quality of care and have built a program specifically for Canadians,” she added.

“I believe in providing options that can improve quality-of-life for Canadians, and am really excited to be part of the process,” said Dr. Sanjeev Goel, a family physician in Brampton, Ontario.

Since opening its doors in 2014, Health City Cayman Islands has treated thousands of patients, including several hundred North Americans. In addition to noting the therapeutic benefits of visiting a beautiful Caribbean island

nation in the British Commonwealth, patient testimonials rate Health City highly in terms of its skilled healthcare professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordability.

Members of Health City Cayman Islands’ medical teams have performed several thousand surgeries in their careers and Health City’s commitment to excellence in medical practices, administration and patient care has been recognized by Joint Commission International, the international “gold standard” in healthcare excellence.

Founded by Indian philanthropist Dr. Devi Shetty, the personal physician of the late Mother Teresa, and U.S.-based Ascension, the world’s largest Catholic health system, the Caribbean hospital is also known for providing specialist care to children living in poverty at no cost to the patients.

Health City’s Canadian office will field general inquiries about Health City Cayman Islands; support patients’ journeys to and from the Cayman Islands; coordinate consultations with Health City Cayman Islands’ physicians and patient care teams; connect with Canadian healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care; and secure travel arrangements as well as translation services where necessary.

Source: St. Martin News Network Top Caribbean Hospital seeks to provide relief for Canadians on waiting lists.