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This Tuesday, April 16, 2024 is an important date for Louis Mussington, with the opening of the Saint-Martin public management school (EMP), a stated desire of the President of the Community to have a strong and properly trained administration.

In the presence of the godmother of the new school, Josiane Fleming-Artsen, the deputy Frantz Gumbs, the general director of services Albert Holl and the deputy general director of human resources Nabila Benrached, Louis Mussington applauded the candidates of the 1st promotion of the EMP at Grand Case Beach Club: “Our deepest wish is that this school becomes the glue of our community. We designed it to be about learning about diversity at the heart of solidarity and in the fight against social exclusion.” Supported by the Community which invests €250.000 for the training of each promotion, the EMP of Saint-Martin is now a reality, which makes the godmother Josiane Fleming-Artsen happy: “Thanks to this experiential learning, you will perfect your prowess in decision-making. With this responsibility comes a deep duty. Remember, integrity is the cornerstone of effective management.” Supported by the European Union which finances 85% of the operating costs of the school (European Social Fund ESF+), the EMP aims to respond to an identified need for professionalization in the management of territorial public services. For three days per month for 8 months, the first class will follow an experimental, à la carte program, made up of seven training modules ranging from knowledge of the history of the territory to the most advanced managerial techniques, including the functioning of institutions and the administrative sphere. This Tuesday, April 16, 2024, the candidates shared a team building session based on the importance of teamwork and the co-construction of a common project, serving the general interest. This session was followed by a course on the history of the West Indies delivered by Frantz Gumbs, who dressed for the occasion as a history-loving teacher. During his introductory speech, the latter declared: “What we are today depends on the past. In 10, 15 years, we will experience the result of what happened with the people who lived this experience and I am happy to contribute to that utility.” This ambitious School of Public Management project therefore aims to promote the territory of Saint-Martin and to strengthen the skills of each executive in the Community. At the end of the training which will be followed in premises in Bellevue, the candidates will receive certification and close the experience with an immersion trip (RUP and EU). _VX


First class of the School of Public Management from Saint-Martin:

Sylvianne Benjamin, Director of Major Works Living Environment – ​​COM

Medhi Boucard, Director of Education – COM

Mariette Dino, head of the general administration – National Education division

Benjamin Di Pilla, facilitator of social clauses – COM

Ludovic Durand, PMI – COM coordinating physician director

Francis Duzanson Perez, head of the transport and regulations department – ​​COM

Sébastien Gallego, general director – EEASM

Hubert Gorizia, operations manager – EME

Nadine Lake Benjamin, administrative and financial director – GRETA

Marthe Le Maille, HR recruitment manager – COM

Nathalie Longato, communications director – COM

Myriame Merlo-Cilirie, head of the traffic documents department – ​​COM

Sabrina Placidoux, head of the Urban Development and Housing COM department

Maurice Robert Naudin, head of media library service – COM

Patrice Toma, head of territorial police department COM

Thierry Glasses, Deputy Director General for Security and Public Peace – COM

Pricilla Wachetr, Deputy General Director – Tourist Office

Yraldi Laurent, HR management manager

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