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MARIGOT: The Collectif Animaux SXM needs you as an escort: three cocoon dogs are waiting to be reunited with their foster or adoptive families in mainland France, they must leave by the end of September.

The association is therefore launching a strong appeal to all travelers taking a plane from Saint-Martin to Paris with Air Caraïbes, departing from Grand-Case. Three dogs rescued on the territory are expected in mainland France by a foster family or their adoptive family. If they do not reach the other continent, their place will be taken by another animal. As a reminder, everything is taken care of by the Collectif Animaux SXM, including travel expenses and administrative procedures.

The dog is brought to the airport by the association, in its cage, with all the necessary documents for the trip. You go to the check-in with him and the association representative who will guide you if necessary. Once the animal has been checked in, you can resume your travel habits. When you arrive in Paris, you will pick up the cage with the fur ball at the terminal and a representative will wait for you at the exit to take care of it in order to bring it to its foster or adoption family.

The association is therefore looking for people who travel with Air Caraïbes from Grand-Case airport for the rest of September, or even early October. The urgency is particularly important for a bitch who must leave imperatively on September 28, exceptionally for this case, if you travel with Air Caraïbes or Air France from Grand-Case or Juliana to Paris that day, please contact the Collective via their Facebook page (see info). Being an escort is a unique experience that places you directly in the chain of solidarity, it doesn’t change much to your trip from a practical point of view but it saves the life of these dogs and you won’t forget it. Thank you for them. Vx

Facebook: Collectif Animaux SXM

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