Valérie Damaseau posts video on Facebook after leaving UD

Early Wednesday evening, Valérie Damaseau posted a “video interview” on her Facebook profile following her departure from the Union for Democracy (UD), the party of Daniel Gibbs. In this 1min25 message, the first vice-president of the COM lets it be understood that Team Gibbs has lost its team spirit, at least that it no longer corresponds to its way of doing politics.

“In 2017, the population entrusted me with a five-year mandate with a team, not four years, not three years, but five years”, she declares, specifying that,  despite the crises, “her loyalty [has remained] with the population”, that she “did not allow herself to be distracted and remained focused on the tasks entrusted to her”.

The first vice-president also considers that it is “important to reform our way of doing politics, to build a solid base with people who share the same ideologies, values ​​rather than uniting around projects”. And to specify that her values ​​are the family, community ties, the right to difference of opinion. Valérie Damaseau finally indicated that she would not make an announcement before “the outcome of the trial”, the court having to render its deliberated on February 24.

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