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MARIGOT: The resurgence of cases of Covid-19 has led to a worrying increase in the number of hospitalizations of patients (the vast majority of whom have not been vaccinated) due to this infection. Under these conditions, hospital visits are no longer authorized, except in exceptional cases, in order to limit the risk of contagion.

Three exceptions remain:

– Spouses of pregnant women;

– Relatives of patients treated in adult wards if the patient’s prognosis is vital and after medical advice;

– Parents of hospitalized children, after medical advice.

These exceptions can only be made on presentation of a valid health pass, and in strict compliance with the wearing of a surgical mask or FFP2.

Outpatient consultations are maintained. However, patients are invited to come alone, except in the case of dependency situations that justify the presence of an accompanying person. In the event that patients are not fully vaccinated, they have to be tested before coming to the hospital.

Indeed, given the number of patients to be tested, the hospital is no longer able to provide testing for its access. Visitors and consultants who do not have a health pass are asked to have antigenic tests done in a pharmacy or PCR before coming to the hospital.

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Source: Faxinfo

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