Whatsapp has ‘crashed’ worldwide and people aren’t happy


PHILIPSBURG – Many mobile phone users on St. Maarten have complained over the Carnival weekend that the popular messaging app ‘Whatsapp’ has not been functioning as it should. Users report not being able to send images and messages taking a long time to send.

St. Maarten is not the only area affected as it’s been reported on other media that other countries are experiencing the same issues with Whatsapp.

From Buzz:

People from all parts of the world are claiming that hugely popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ has crashed. Many have taken to social media to alert friends about the outage.

WhatsApp has a staggering 600 million users across the globe, and for such a widely-used app to crash so suddenly seems to be a worry for those who rely on it daily.

Users in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, and more are reporting that the free app is not operating.

Source: Buzz https://buzz.ie/whatsapp-has-crashed-worldwide-and-people-arent-happy/