White plan lifted at Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital | FAXINFO

MARIGOT: The number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 at the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital has been below the alert threshold since Monday.

The state of tension that justified the implementation of the white plan is no longer present. The white plan has therefore been lifted as of February 1.

However, the establishment remains subject to the presentation of the health pass. Patients expected for consultations or scheduled hospitalizations must present themselves with their pass as well as visitors and accompanying persons.

For patients presenting themselves in emergency, the health pass is not required. If necessary, a test will be done after admission.

The health pass can be presented in paper form or via the TousAntiCovid application:
– either a negative result of a screening test (PCR less than 72 hours old or antigenic less than 72 hours old),
– or a proof of complete vaccination schedule for Covid-19,
– or a valid certificate of recovery from Covid-19 infection.


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Source: Faxinfo https://www.faxinfo.sx/2022/02/01/white-plan-lifted-at-louis-constant-fleming-hospital/

Source: Faxinfo https://www.faxinfo.sx/2022/02/01/white-plan-lifted-at-louis-constant-fleming-hospital/