“Women in Engineering Sciences” day at the Lycée Robert Weinum

MARIGOT: The second edition of the academic day dedicated to Women in Engineering Sciences took place at the Lycée Général et Technologique Robert Weinum on Thursday afternoon, February 3. Two groups of sixty young students took place in the multi-purpose room to attend the various presentations for the students of the high school and the recruitment college on the promotion of scientific and technological fields for women.

The 120 students from the classes of première technologique, première en spécialité numérique et sciences informatiques as well as the classes of troisième from the collège du Mont des Accors, from the collège Soualiga and finally from the collège de Quartier d’Orléans, were attentive and interested by the story of the speakers. The godmother of the operation was Sabrina Placidoux, territorial engineer and director of land use and urban planning at the Collectivité de Saint-Martin.

Through her story, Sabrina Placidoux succeeded in transmitting to the girls in the assembly her passion for her profession, her determination and her deep belief that women have a predominant place in the scientific field. This type of event allows to discover the field of possibilities without any restriction linked to the territory, the sex or the origins.

The following speeches were also striking, several teachers, namely Mrs. Atam (Mathematics), Mrs. Louisy (Mathematics), Mrs. Michon (Biology) and Mrs. Humpherry’s (Physics), told their respective careers with the common point of being all trained engineers and high school teachers. The young audience listened, concentrated, to their anecdotes, how they became engineers through their schooling and why they chose the teaching path. The principal of the Lycée Robert Weinum, Olivier Saunier, was proud of and supportive of this initiative, which was meticulously organized for the second time by Mrs. Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi (DDPFT within the Lycée). It is always good to remind the promising female youth of Saint Martin that mixed careers are possible.

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