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<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingSINT MAARTEN (CUL DE SAC) – Lush green hills and cool breezes are signature elements of nature at the Kenepa Garden Estate, a new private residential development by M & M Development N.V. The 29 lots are located behind Emilio Wilson Historical and Cultural Park just off of L.B. Scott Road and adjacent to St. John’s Estate.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingA symbolic ground-breaking ceremony was held on Tuesday, March 5, when six-year-old Ocean Brookson Frigon, grandson of developer Henri Brookson, deftly maneuvered a backhoe to move dirt at the site, to the cheers of his family and guests.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingThe development was toasted to with a lime punch, made from Brookson’s mother’s own recipe. Brookson said traditions are important and his mother already said the lime punch helps “to keep the spirits away.” Toasting with a little rum is a very Caribbean tradition at the start of new venture.  

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingA model house has been designed for Kenepa Garden Estate to help inspire potential residents. This design can be adjusted to the specific needs of lot buyers. Design elements mirror the Caribbean houses of olden days as the developers seek to reflect the heritage of the land upon which Kenepa Garden is built.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingLandscape Architect Bruno Doedens of the Netherlands has put his creative stamp of Kenepa Garden. He is responsible for the layout of what is St. Maarten’s newest neighbourhood.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingThe lots, starting at 880 square metres, are large enough for a sizable family home with maximum one attached apartment, pool, and ornamental or kitchen gardens (the soil in the Cul de Sac basin is very fertile for planting). Most lots are on flat or very gently sloped land which allows for immediate construction without additional cost. The hillside lots have a view over the Cul-de-Sac basin.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingKenepa Garden is accessed by a newly constructed high quality and durable 20-centimetres thick concrete road with proper drainage, curbs, sidewalks, streetlight, sewage line and fire hydrants. Starting price of the residential-only lots is US $136,000. Building foot print per lot is set at 25 per cent to ensure privacy of neighbours and full respect for nature and history.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingThe Independent Consulting Engineers N.V. (ICE) has designed Kenepa Garden Estate’s infrastructure.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingThe entrance road to the cul de sac will have “sleeping policemen” or speed limiting bumps and will have security for additional peace of mind. The private road only accesses Kenepa Garden; with no other thru traffic it provides for safety for children riding bikes and neighbours taking strolls in the mornings or afternoons.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingTo maintain a level of aesthetics, M & M Development N.V. will construct the walls of each lot running along the entrance road. This natural stone wall will have a height of 1.80 metres and a width of 20 cm.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingIt will have a reinforced footing consisting of steel. This rock wall will be constructed one meter inside of each lot and this one-metre space will be used to add more greenery to the landscape.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingICE is the project supervisor for the entire common infrastructure construction.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacing“Purchasing a lot in Kenepa Garden is a sound investment for the future. One will receive quality for his /her money. The quality of the infrastructure will allow the homeowners association fee to be very low,” said Kenepa Garden Estate developers.

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacing“Kenepa Garden Estate will be a peaceful area, away from noise pollution where you can relax and energize yourself after a hard day’s work,” said Brookson. “We chose for big lots, because we want people to live spaciously. It is an ideal area for family with children.”

<p class="m2932821565404916310gmail-msonospacingAlso partnering with Kenepa Garden Estate is Banco di Caribe for loans for qualifying lot buyers, Island Real Estate (IRE) Team, and Esli Construction.

Six-year-old Ocean Brookson Frigon, grandson of developer Henri Brookson, maneuvered the backhoe to move dirt at the site, to the cheers of his family.

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