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SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Globally, September and October is observed as Prostate and Breast Cancer Awareness Month respectively. This year, 2022, the Positive and Elektralyets Foundations have hosted and scheduled several blue and pink events to heighten the awareness of prostate and breast cancer for men and women on St. Maarten. The “Fitness on the Beach” schedule for Sunday October 2, 2022, from 5.30am – 9am on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg. It is a free event and men, and women are invited to participate. This event was initially planned for September 18th but was postponed due to the passing of Tropical Storm Fiona.

Men and women are invited to take part in this event. Participants of the event will be provided with a free T-Shirt sponsored by NAGICO Insurances. The t-shirt will only be distributed on the morning of the event. Prior to the start of the event attendees will be given information related to the importance of prostate and breast health. This will be followed by a circuit of activities geared towards all fitness levels and abilities. All activities will be held on the beach in Philipsburg (close to Castaway beach Bar on the boardwalk) from 5.30AM – 9AM. While breakfast will not be provided, ILTT will provide free refreshments. The Red Cross will be present at the fitness on the beach event to ensure the wellbeing of all participants. It is important to note that parking is not allowed on the Boardwalk.

The foundations have partnered for the second time with Dimar Labega of the Monster Factory to host the “Fitness on the Beach” event. Mr. Labega, is very experienced in these types of events and together with his team, will guide all participants through the activities safely. The event is suited for all fitness levels and abilities.

Dimar Labeba of Monster Factory is excited to be hosting the fitness session this year. Reminding people that physical activity can lower risk for breast cancer by as much as 20%. Regular exercise regulates hormones including estrogen and insulin which can increase breast cancer growth. We can’t wait to see you bright and early for an amazing beach workout.

NAGICO sponsored the T-shirts for the “Fitness on the Beach” event that the participants will wear during the event. Participants will also receive fitness related give-a-ways. (Lisa to put her feedback) NAGICO is extremely proud of to be apart of this event, which has now become a movement to create awareness and spread knowledge about Prostate & Breast Cancer. We have been partnering with the Positive & Elektralyets Foundation for several years now, and their positive impact can be seen in the community, as they continue to champion their Cause and spread the word that awareness and early detection saves lives.”

ILTT is another sponsor who will be supplying drinks and refreshments for the participants. They are very happy to be part of this event and understand the importance of being proactive and staying hydrating while doing your exercises and find that this is a great event that they wanted to be a part of.

While there is no absolute way to prevent prostate and breast center, the Positive and Elektralyets Foundation know that there are some things you can do to lower your risks. Maintaining a moderate body weight and getting regular exercise can play a key role.

“Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Change up your routine and invite your friends to participate on Sunday October 2nd from 5.30 am to 9 am at Fitness on the Beach on the Boardwalk near Castaway Beach Bar.

Help us help our community and let us be proactive in the fight against prostate and breast cancer and have fun while working out!”, Shelly Alphonso and Mercedes Van der Waals, Presidents of the respective foundations stated.

The breast cancer awareness movement launched in 1998 by the Positive Foundation has collaborated with the Elektralyets Foundation for over 10 years in the fight to save lives with its early detection messaging.

The prostate cancer awareness campaign launched in 2019 by the Positive Foundation, Elektralyets Foundation, and the St. Maarten Medical Center.

For more information regarding Prostate and Breast Cancer Awareness events please contact:

Shelly Alphonso Cellphone:580 9658

Email: shelly.alphonso@outlook.com

Mercedes”Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt Cellphone: 5237418

Email: Elektravoltage@hotmail.com

FRI Participants in Engaged in Fitness Activity


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