Beauperthuy Estate: Collectivité Expresses Intent to Preserve Saint-Martin Heritage | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SAINT-MARTIN (MARIGOT) - President Louis MUSSINGTON and First Vice-President Alain RICHARDSON addressed the media today to articulate the position of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin regarding the Beauperthuy estate. Recent revelations in the New York Times concerning the potential auction of three plots have spurred the Collectivité into action, as negotiations were already in progress with the judicial administrator for their acquisition.

President MUSSINGTON announced a peaceful protest scheduled for Saturday, April 20th, 2024, aimed at defending the centuries-old Saint-Martin heritage encompassing over 100 hectares. This demonstration underscores the Collectivité's commitment to continuing negotiations for the acquisition of this land.

Since 2023, the Collectivité has engaged in discussions with the judicial administrator to express its firm intention to acquire all plots, with the primary goal of safeguarding this invaluable land heritage and counter any potential real estate speculation.

President MUSSINGTON stated, "The Collectivité has consistently voiced its aspiration to acquire these plots, not only to protect our land heritage but also to maintain social harmony within the territory. This matter was promptly communicated to the government upon assuming office, receiving their understanding and support."

Vice-President Alain RICHARDSON emphasized the deep attachment of the people of St Martin to their land, declaring, "The revelation of the auction of certain historic plots in the international press reflects the eagerness of the rights holders to expedite sales without regard for the Collectivité's proposal. Our community is deeply connected to our land, and we stand united to preserve this heritage."

Following months of diligent efforts, the Collectivité has secured confirmation from the Guadeloupe Land Establishment (EPF) regarding its ability to acquire the plots on behalf of the Collectivité. This follows a comprehensive land assessment conducted by the State's real estate department, facilitating a quantified proposal.

With this support, the Collectivité is resolved to pursue negotiations with the judicial administrator. The approach involves three key phases:

- Resuming negotiations for the acquisition of all plots.

- Proposing legislation at the territorial council on April 30th to enhance the right of pre-emption. This initiative aims to strengthen the legal framework by introducing statutory, urban, and reinforced urban pre-emption rights, along with pre-emption rights for sensitive natural areas.

- Organizing a peaceful protest on Saturday, April 20th, to demonstrate the collective determination of the Collectivité and its inhabitants to safeguard these lands for future generations and deter real estate speculation.

President Louis MUSSINGTON emphasized the preference for an amicable resolution and appealed for the cancellation of the auction scheduled for May 13, 2024, to facilitate ongoing negotiations.

"By deliberately omitting to inform us of the auction, the elected officials and the institution's expressed will were disregarded. Nevertheless, our focus remains on dignified territorial planning and the preservation of these 100 hectares for posterity. This is the essence of our fight," remarked President MUSSINGTON.

He underscored the peaceful nature of the upcoming demonstration on April 20th and encouraged the entire population to participate in solidarity, emphasizing the collective responsibility to protect these lands.