Captured by Corona Published by Beyond Kultura soon to be launched | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The book ‘Captured by Corona’ was recently published by Beyond Kultura Events Foundation and will soon be launched on Sint Maarten. ‘How can it be different? Sint Maarten students and adults are featured with their precious poems and letters in this hard cover, full colored book, of which we are very proud of’, Morales, president of the Beyond Kultura Events Foundation, stated.

BKE has called up all children and adults of Saba, Statia, Sint Maarten and Anguilla to participate in its writing competition 2020.

Theme was people’s experiences with the COVID-19 and the Lock down period. Main questions were: How are you and your family coping with the condition or situation? Is your world upside down because of the lock down? What do you like and what do you dislike about this period? As a whole, what are your feelings about the situation and what are your expectations and wishes? Which opportunities do you see? The deadline for submission of Poems, Haiku, Letters, Cry out etc. 15th of May 2020.

An international committee of four literary specialists has gotten the poems and letters with only a code. No names were given in order to maintain objectivity in the judging process. The committee has selected the best poems for Beyond Kultura.

‘We are very happy with the high quality of the entrees,’ Morales stated.

The best poems, Haiku’s, letters and cry outs are published in this ‘Captured by Corona’ book, decorated with beautiful paintings of Penka Petkova.

The winners in the Category Children for Poems and Haiku are: Gabriel Amado with title Free, Gabriel Antunez with Me in Quarantine, Arhan Baharani with Coping with Confinement, Christiaan (Chris) de Wilde with Coronavirus, Stella Palmer with Confinement, Sahana Rinker with Quarantine, Pranay Shahdadpuri with Coronavirus (Third Place), Kendrys Vilorio with Virtual Hug.

The winners in the Category Children for Letters are: Ahmad Abdallah with title Stop Covid-19, Stefanie Frederiks with How I Am Coping with Confinement, Sophia Suire with with How I Am Coping with Confinement (First Place) and Sachedy Doran of the MAC with Go Away Rona.

Winning Adults are: Marianne Tefft, Xiomara Frans Muller, Joycelyn Hanley, Lixzandra Marquez, Loekie Morales and Orlando Patterson.

The publishing and distribution of this COVID-19 lock down experiences book to primary schools has been possible, thanks to the financial support of the Prins Berhard Cultural Fund Caribbean, N.V. GEBE, UNESCO SXM and BKE.

All Sint Maarten primary schools will get the books for comprehensive reading in English literature. The books will be accompanied by Posters to teach the holistic 3-W method of Marianne Tefft and Loekie Morales to prevent COVID-19: Wash your hands, Widen the social distance and Wear your Mask! There are also T-shirts, stickers and mocks with Winnie- the Hero Girl, holding up her 3-W fingers to remind us to prevent and to keep safe. These items are for sale at Beyond Kultura at 5271223.

Source: Souliga Newsday