COM pays Courtesy Visit to Tijdelijke Werkorganisatie | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina, alongside esteemed Ministers of VSA (Public Health), FIN (Finance), TEATT (Tourism), Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary and Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister recently conducted a courtesy visit to the Tijdelijke Werkorganisatie (TWO) in an effort to strengthen collaboration and foster greater synergy in advancing St. Maarten's development agenda.

During the visit, Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina underscored the importance of closer cohesion and enhanced communication among stakeholders, emphasizing that a unified approach is essential in achieving the broader objectives for St. Maarten. The Prime Minister reiterated the government's commitment to prioritizing the collective interests of the St. Maarten and emphasized the need for alignment towards the bigger picture for the island.

Minister of TEATT stated, "I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we can request additional assistance from the TWO for specific national projects. This discovery has given me hope, as it alleviates the stress of securing funding for several beneficial initiatives for our country."

The Minister of Finance looks forward to the continued professional working relationship with TWO to realize the long-awaited improvements in key government programs, specifically the tax and financial management systems, for the advancement of St. Maarten.

The collaborative engagement between government officials and TWO signifies a significant step towards fostering meaningful partnerships and driving initiatives that will contribute to the socio-economic growth of St. Maarten. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both parties, the aim is to implement effective strategies that address key challenges and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable development.

Thematic sessions have been scheduled with the individual ministers. These in-depth discussions on the various projects will aid in making balanced decisions on the immediate priorities, ensuring tangible change for the people of Sint Maarten.

TWO welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the onboarding process of the new government and took the opportunity to inform the ministers on the content, methods of working and cooperating with implementation of the country package.

Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina expressed gratitude to the TWO for their warm reception and reaffirmed the government's dedication to working hand-in-hand with all stakeholders towards a prosperous future for St. Maarten.