Court hands down sentences in assault, firearm possession cases | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The Court of First Instance handed down sentences on Wednesday in cases of assault, threats, and firearm possession. 

A man has been sentenced by the court for assaulting and threating the mother of his four children. L.A.P. must complete 90 hours of community service or face 45 days in prison. He was also sentenced to a two-month conditional prison term with two years’ probation.

Firing shots from a gun into the air as a way of threatening a victim and assaulting another person by hitting him in the face with a weapon have resulted in a sentence for a man A.B. He was convicted to 48 months of imprisonment, of which 12 months are suspended. He is on a two-year probation.   

Another man A.T.D. received a sentence of nine months’ imprisonment of which seven months are conditional and two years’ probation for firearm possession. The weapon was found in his home in the closet of his children’s room. His children are ages two and three.

The Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten OM SXM will appeal the verdict in the case of A.D.T. OM SXM believes this sentence deviates from the quite strong sentencing guideline used by the court in such cases.

Firearm possession, assault, and assaults with a weapon are of grave concern for OM SXM. These criminal acts have lasting impacts for the victims and for the society.

OM SXM will continue to pursue these cases as a way to safeguard the community, especially those members who are most vulnerable such as children.