Emmanuel appalled over Roseburg’s statements about family reunification | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - Leader of the Nation Opportunity Wealth (NOW) party MP Christophe Emmanuel is utterly appalled by the recent comments made by MP Sjamira Roseburg regarding the joyous return of Ana Carolina Lazaro Cuevas and her reunification with her children.

He said MP Roseburg's statements are nothing short of callous and insensitive, revealing an unattached and hurtful perspective that is completely out of touch with the spirit of this heartfelt human rights story.

“To suggest that there are unanswered questions or to imply any wrongdoing at this time is not only politically opportunistic but also deeply disrespectful. MP Roseburg had never uttered a single word about Ana and her children's plight during their years of separation. Yet, the moment Minister of Justice Lyndon Lewis orchestrated their triumphant return, she seized the opportunity to cast doubt and diminish the significance of this happy occasion,” MP Emmanuel said.

“Minister Lyndon Lewis, a meticulous and hardworking Minister, has proven time and again his dedication to the people of Sint Maarten. His efforts to reunite Ana with her children are a testament to his unwavering commitment to justice and human dignity. MP Roseburg's attempt to cover her clear political and cold comments with fake caring words is transparent and shameful. A blind man could see through her thinly veiled intentions,” Mp Emmanuel said.

He added that the people of Sint Maarten deserve representatives who genuinely care about their well-being, not those who exploit sensitive situations for political gain. “MP Roseburg, with her supposed "Five-Star Representation," has earned nothing more than a one-star rating for this poorly thought-out political maneuver.,” he said.

The NOW leader questioned if MP Roseburg is truly ready to fight for the people of Sint Maarten, or is she more interested in scoring cheap political points? Her recent actions, he stressed, raise serious doubts about her priorities and her capability to genuinely serve the community.

“There is a place and time for everything. As an attorney the MP’s time would have been better served researching the issue and its specifics herself and presenting a solution. It's time for MP Roseburg to reflect on her actions and reconsider her approach. Politics do not belong in every aspect of our lives, especially not in stories of human rights and happy endings,” MP Emmanuel concluded.

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