GEBE & TelEm Join forces to forge a trailblazing Collaboration Protocol | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - NV GEBE, in partnership with the TelEm Group of Companies, have joined forces to forge a trailblazing 'Collaboration Protocol' aimed at serving customers and the St. Maarten community better.

The protocol clears the way for both organizations to work jointly on the development and implementation of technological infrastructure projects, specifically targeting the advancement of infrastructure development and maintenance. This will better serve customers, and will engage a host of stakeholders associated with both companies and the St. Maarten community.   

The objectives of the joint initiative include:

  • Enhancing operational efficiencies.
  • Reducing environmental impact through shared infrastructure.
  • Improving service delivery to the residents and businesses of Sint Maarten.
  • Reducing operational expenditures, through shared maintenance responsibilities.
  • Fostering innovation and technological advancement.

Both companies say key areas of organizational cooperation are clearly outlined in the collaboration protocol including:

  • Shared Use of Infrastructure,
  • Joint Development of New Infrastructure,
  • Resource Pooling,
  • Shared Training Programs, including joint safety and technical skills,
  • Technology Exchange,
  • Emergency and Disaster Collaboration, comprised of shared emergency protocols, resource allocation and restoration, particularly in response to natural disasters. 

To facilitate the seamless cooperation between both companies, a Monitoring Committee is being established for the preparation and implementation of the plan of action. The Monitoring Committee will also oversee the efficient execution of the 'Collaboration Protocol.'

"By partnering with TelEm, we're investing in our future and the future of our customers," said Troy Washington, Temporary Manager NV GEBE.

"Our shared expertise and technological prowess will empower us to deliver even more value and excellence in our respective industries. Under this partnership, we will work together to pool resources with expert consultation, cutting-edge tools, and top-tier support to optimize our infrastructure, technological systems, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation," shares Mr. Washington, further. 

 TelEm Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, says negotiations with NV GEBE on a ‘Collaboration Protocol’ has put into formal agreement, a long sought relationship between two government-owned companies with much to offer their respective customers and to St. Maarten in terms of more efficient, sustainable and innovative and customer-driven services.

“A partnership with NV GEBE benefits the bottom line of both companies in terms of future cost savings and shared resources, opening the doors to a very exciting future where the importance of telecommunications in our society today can be seen as being on par with the water and power consumed,” said Mr. Dupersoy, lauding the ‘Protocol’ as a giant step for St. Maarten.

With the long-term goals of streamlining operations, customized infrastructure and technological automation, NV GEBE and TelEm both strive, through this Protocol, to jointly drive innovations that leverage improved systems of operations and thereby, enhance the customer experience with cutting-edge advancements. 

Both Mr. Washington and Mr. Dupersoy note that with consideration that these advancements require the coherent implementation of robust utility and telecommunications, their interdependent organizations are leveraging the mutual benefit of this new collaboration, for the welfare of the community and for sustainable operational efficacy and resilience. The CEO’s look forward to other government owned entities joining to further enhance customer experience and community benefit.