General Audit Chamber submits 2023 Annual Report early | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - The General Audit Chamber of St. Maarten presented its 2023 Annual Report to the Governor and Parliament on April 2nd, 2024, fulfilling its obligation to submit the report well ahead of the required deadline (before July 1st). The Audit Chamber is an independent institution and investigates the value for money and legal compliance of the Government's income and expenses.

The annual report provides an overview of the audits conducted throughout the year and presents a detailed account of the institution's use of its budget for the fiscal year 2023.

In terms of performance, the Audit Chamber produced seven reports on various topics, including the country's financial statements, the process of ex-officio tax assessments, the financial statements of the General Pension Fund (APS), and its subsidiary called SMIA, the efficiency of the process and the costs involved of the Medical aid program and the efficiency and effectiveness on travel within the public sector and Parlatino membership. Additionally, the Audit Chamber has worked on enhancing its internal policies.

The annual report provides information on the institution’s budget realization for 2023. It outlines the Audit Chamber’s communication performance, including several key performance indicators (KPIs) for its social media platforms. The Audit Chamber's online interactive environment delivered improved KPIs, and the institution plans to enhance its online presence further by adding new topics.

The Annual Report for 2023 is published in English and Dutch and is available on the General Audit Chamber's website ( and social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn. Interested parties are encouraged to read the report and gain valuable insights into the Audit Chamber's activities and achievements throughout the year.