Kimberly King fulfils her purpose to assist and empower growing businesses | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

TRINIDAD (PORT OF SPAIN) – Positive, assertive and results oriented are just a few words which aptly describe T&T business consultant and entrepreneur Kimberly King. Via her consultancy, Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited (CSBKAL), she utilizes her wealth of commercial expertise to benefit micro, small and medium-sized business owners in boosting their results and thriving in an unpredictable marketplace.

With almost two decades of corporate sales, marketing and customer service experience and an enthusiastic customer-centred focus, Kimberly has embarked on a journey to use her CSBKAL entity to assist various enterprises in growing their sales, gaining brand visibility and strengthening their customer relationships. This journey is one of excitement which continues to provide her with a feeling of fulfilment and a true sense of purpose.

Presently, CSBKAL’s core services are Sales Enablement, Sales Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

With a solid educational background, several professional and entrepreneurial accolades under her belt, Kimberly considers her foundation in the Hospitality and Tourism as one of the main assets and fundamental strengths which she brings to her CSBKAL clientele.

She shared, “Having such a foundation has helped me to understand that the customer is always in focus. The systems, service standards and genuine care exist to better meet and exceed the needs of the customer. I always reflect on Bob Burg’s quote where he says ‘Your true worth is

determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.’ So, excelling amidst the demands and stresses of the Hospitality and Tourism industry prepared me to excel in life.”

During this current pandemic period, this constant learner and calculated risk-taker has used her platforms to present meaningful content and workshops e.g. the ‘Sales Redesign Series’ which focused on essential topics for business owners such as staying connected with customers via social media, adjusting sales strategies, using online payment gateways and using mobile applications & virtual reality as part of future marketing plans.

Additionally, Kimberly, who has added value to global brands which include Hyatt Regency, Rex Resorts Group and the Blue Diamond Resorts Group,, has been involved with philanthropic organizations such as the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Cyril Ross Nursery and plans to be of further support to causes relating to children’s education and female empowerment.

With tenacity, sincerity and the ability to truly listen to her customers’ needs, Kimberly King aspires to support and guide both budding and established enterprises down the ‘highway of continued success’ and aspires to expand her client base in her native T&T as well as the Caribbean region and international markets.

She assured prospective clients, “Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited is ready to assist and listen to your sales and marketing concerns; start today by booking a free 20-minute diagnostic call.” (Sonique Solutions)




Source: Souliga Newsday