Lions Club & Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunset Collaborate in International Coastal Clean-Up Day | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) – “As we come together to recognize International Coastal Clean-Up Day, we also celebrate the power of unity and collaboration. The Sint Maarten Lions Club, alongside the Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunset, embarked on a remarkable joint project, a Coastal Clean-Up along the Walter Nisbeth Road Ring Road section.

“I’m thrilled to announce that this project has been a tremendous success. It serves as a testament to what can be achieved when service clubs join forces to protect our environment. Today marks not just the end of this clean-up but the beginning of future endeavors and projects.

“As we stand here today, we see the potential for even greater achievements when we come together and work in harmony. Let us extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Rotary Club for initiating this endeavor.

“This project paves the way for future collaborations, bigger projects, and a more profound impact on our communities.

“Let this day serve as a reminder that by joining forces, we can conquer challenges, achieve more, and make an enduring positive impact. Together, we can make our world a better place. Kindness to others is service to ourselves,” Lions Club President Felix Richards stated in a press release on Sunday.

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