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SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Love & Inspiration, the successful 12-year-old radio show produced by Roy Cotton Jr., is now syndicated in the New York City area on Bshani Radio. With only one month on the station in April, Love and Inspiration ranked #4 with 1.3 million downloads. In June, Love & Inspiration had 1.6 million listeners and ranked 2nd place; and in July had 1.9 million listeners and currently ranks 1st place.           

Love & Inspiration is aired on Sunday afternoons LIVE on 102.7FM and online at on Sint Maarten, in the Caribbean, during prime time from 3:00pm-5:00pm AST. The rebroadcast of the show airs on on Sundays at 8:00pm AST and on Mondays at 10:00am AST.           

Love & Inspiration is considered the Rolls-Royce in radio broadcasting because of its high-quality content and the quality of its listeners. The Founder and CEO of Bshani Radio, Bennie Randall Jr., who is an author and motivational speaker, also listens to Love & Inspiration and describes it as “a hot show.”           

Bshani Radio interviews persons such as Tyler Perry and other notable international figures. Therefore Roy Cotton, Jr. born on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten has placed St. Martin on the map through his inspiring and well loved show, Love & Inspiration.           

Roy Cotton, Jr., an interpersonal and professional development coach, motivational speaker, radio show host and transformation specialist loves empowering others. He is a great communicator fully dedicated to accomplishing his life’s purpose to transform the lives of millions of people. He is a Global Difference Maker, an entrepreneur and columnist of Student Vibes, Good Business Cents, Love & Inspiration and Keeping Safe with Roy in The Weekender of The Daily Herald Newspaper on Sint Maarten.      

Love & Inspiration focuses on building stronger relationships and inspiring lives through various inspirational interviews on topics which enable listeners to experience more meaningful relationships in their lives; friendships, family, love and work relationships and live more purposefully. Love & Inspiration is renowned for music of excellence in Gospel contemporary, easy listening and love songs.         

Roy Cotton Jr. is grateful to God for his faithfulness to him during the past 12 years in entrusting him to produce and present such a high caliber and popular weekly Sunday afternoon radio show to the world. Roy Cotton Jr. consistently dedicates each broadcast of the show to his heavenly Father as he has done over the past 12 years.           

He is particularly thankful to his lovely wife Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis-Cotton who has been his great support, cheerleader and amazing chef who prepares him delicious Sunday lunches and various tasty natural juices which empower him to deliver the best in radio show broadcasting on a Sunday afternoon.

He is also grateful to his committed listeners such as his mother Dorothy Richardson, Mr. Oswald Francis (his father in-law), Angela Ambrose, Charlese Carty, Neville Lake and many others too numerous to mention. Roy Cotton Jr. also thanks his committed corporate partners A. & F. Catering led by Mr. Alfonso Blijden; and Island Real Estate Team led by Arun Jagtiani for their years of support to Love & Inspiration.        

Love & Inspiration premiered on February 11th, 2007, on The University of Hertfordshire’s former student radio station “Crush Radio” 1278AM, broadcasting to a student population of 23,000 students and online listeners around the world. Roy Cotton Jr. was nominated in the categories of Best Male Presenter, Best Interview and Best Entertainment through the annual Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global in The UK in July 2008.

Love & Inspiration has aired on Youth Radio 92.5FM from 2011-2014 and on Voice of St. Maarten, Power 102.7FM from March 2015 to present day.

Roy Cotton Jr. thanks and credits Dr. Ava Eagle Brown (Multi-award-winning International Speaker, Author and Transformation mindset business coach) in the UK for introducing him to Michael Muse a.k.a., The Fearless Coach. Cotton is grateful to Michael Muse, entrepreneur and Radio Show Producer/host at Bshani Radio in New York, who has been instrumental in helping him to create history through Love & Inspiration on Bshani Radio.

Roy Cotton, Jr. invites you to Join the Love &Inspiration Movement as he transforms lives, one heart at a time!

Source: Souliga Newsday