Mhakeda Shillingford awarded President of Parliament Award 2019 | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Mhakeda Shillingford was awarded the President of Parliament Award 2019. 

A youth is awarded annually the President of Parliament Award for exemplary behavior, leadership skills as well as contribution to the community.

Ms. Shillingford started her contribution to her island at the tender age of 10. She volunteered in tutoring students ages 5-16 for their academic growth. She also volunteered at summer camps every summer as a youth leader in order to motivate and develop a variety of students.

Every Christmas she would be in collaboration with youth groups to have a Christmas party for the foster homes giving them a warm-hearted Christmas, filled with fun, food and gifts. She has always been a strong advocate for her island. She has been part of the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament, Dutch Kingdom Youth Parliament and the Sint Maarten Youth Council.

She was also part of Y2x which is a podcast motivating teens on both sides of the island. She was on Beautiful me Magazine, where the target was to motivate self-love throughout young people. She is the founder of an organization called Patrol to Eradicate Pedophilia and Child Molestation. 

Now that she has ventured on to Texas to further her studies, she still represents her island. As President of Texas Junior Colleges Student Government Association, she is in charge of all colleges in Texas to advocate for their rights.

This year’s President of Parliament Award 2019 was presented by the Hon. President of Parliament Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams to Ms. Mhakeda Shillingford during the reception on the occasion of the new Parliamentary Year 2018-2019.

Source: Souliga Newsday