Minister Lewis will work towards Flag Day as a national holiday | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) – On Thursday the Marie Genevieve DeWeever Primary School will welcome the Honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport Lyndon Lewis, a proud alumnus of the school, to celebrate Flag Day.

Minister Lewis reflected on his journey from a student within these very walls to serving St. Maarten as a police officer and now as a Minister. "Flag Day holds a unique place in our hearts," the Minister stated. "It is a day when we come together to celebrate our identity, our heritage, and the passionate patriotism we love to show off."

Highlighting the importance of Flag Day, the Minister emphasized that the flag is more than a piece of fabric—it symbolizes unity, struggles, and triumphs, embodying the spirit of the people of St. Maarten. The choice to host the celebration at an elementary school underscores the importance of instilling patriotism in the formative years. "Seeing our children wave the flag fills me with pride," the Minister remarked. "Their innocence and enthusiasm are powerful reminders of why we work so hard to protect and develop our country."

The Minister expressed a heartfelt wish for Flag Day to be recognized as a national holiday. "Imagine a day when every home, every store, and every street is adorned with the colors of our flag. A day when our national pride is not just spoken of but vividly displayed for all to see."

Drawing from their experience as a police officer, the Minister shared how Flag Day rekindles the fire within, reaffirming the commitment to safeguarding the peace, progress, and prosperity of St. Maarten. The Minister urged everyone to express their love for St. Maarten through actions: flying the flag high, decorating homes and businesses, and letting national pride be visible in every corner of the island.

In closing, the Minister extended heartfelt thanks to the Department of Culture for organizing the day's events. "If it is God’s will that I am still here with you next year, trust me when I say I will have extra work for you because my vision for this day is hard to describe. But I do know that if there is a group of people that can do it, it is the head and staff of the Department of Culture."

"May the flag of St. Maarten always inspire us to achieve greatness and may it forever symbolize the heart and soul of our nation. Happy Flag Day!"