MP Doran Calls to Cancel 2024 Parliamentary Recess Amid Crisis and urgent pending matters | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) – Member of Parliament (MP) Egbert J. Doran is requesting the upcoming Parliamentary recess to be canceled due to the ongoing national crisis. He believes it is important for Members of Parliament to remain at work and focus on finding solutions for the people. 

In a letter to President of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams, MP Doran highlighted the need for continued effort during these challenging times. "Our people need to know that their Members of Parliament are committed to working tirelessly on their behalf, especially during these times," Doran wrote. 

The recess is scheduled to last for a long period of six weeks, from July 2, 2024, until August 9, 2024. Doran pointed out that this break is not mandatory and can be adjusted. He argued that six weeks is too long for Members of Parliament to be away from their duties, especially right now when there are urgent issues that need ongoing attention and action. 

"This is not the time for a break; it's a time for us to be more dedicated and responsive to the needs of our country. Taking a recess now would be a disservice to the people," he stated. 

By requesting the cancellation of the recess, MP Doran is urging the leaders of this country to stay focused on addressing the crisis and to show the public that their leaders are genuinely working for them. 

"I hope this request will be taken seriously and acted upon quickly. Our commitment to serving the people of Sint Maarten should never waver, and canceling the recess is a necessary step in fulfilling our duties during this crisis. It would also show that we are indeed in solidarity with our people," Doran added. 

MP Doran ended by stating that often leaders say that they understand and are also affected by the various issues of the country, but their actions contradict their statements. "It is not time for vacation. If the country is facing a crisis, the least we can do is stay on the job." 

He also pointed out that since the installment of the new members of parliament in February, there have been months of semi-operation of parliament because MPs held on for three months as Ministers and thus had to perform dual functions. 

There were also various work visits abroad with different delegations of MPs which stalled the operations of Parliament. To date, Parliament has truly not adjusted and started to function since before the previous election. "It is unconscionable to go on recess," Doran concluded.