MP Sjamira Roseburg Sets the Record Straight | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) – Member of Parliament (MP) Sjamira Roseburg issued a press release regarding a family reunification matter. The MP shares her views with respect to the matter: “It seems that as of late, the current trend by some of my fellow colleague MPs, has been to take aim at my good name and reputation, in order to gain political traction. It has also become increasingly evident to me, that the motors driving their abilities in fostering creative and substantive campaign material, are stuck in the neutral position.

“Naturally, I am a person who first seeks the positive effects out of any situation. However, the recent vicious attacks against my person, only begs me to question if the simple questions posed, seeking clarity on a process carried out, warrants the outrage in the responses?

“Shouldn’t there be a clear roadmap for public consumption and knowledge in order to assist as many other individuals facing the same situation as Ms. Ana Carolina Lazaro Cuevas? The facts are, that precedence has now been set, and we must proceed accordingly...

“As a servant to the betterment of Sint Maarten, I humbly implore my fellow colleague MPs to remember their duties as Members of Parliament. To remember the freedoms in which the offices that we hold represent. To remember the challenges faced by various demographics, in obtaining equal rights and liberties. To be cognizant of the slippery trajectory in which their statements can be interpreted, where individuals may view it as punishable to simply ask questions. No one, absolutely no one, regular citizen, nor Member of Parliament, should be pounded on with such aggression for the simple act of asking questions and seeking clarity from their own Government. Clarity, which is imperative and intended to pave the way, to expand the basket of assistance to other individuals that are desperately in need.

“Recently brought to my attention, is an article by MP LaCroes where he “reminds me to know my place”. But perhaps it is my colleague MP, who needs to take a trip down memory lane. Where was MP LaCroes when I fought for human rights for prisoners? Where was MP LaCroes when I fought for the rights of minors and family reunifications. Where was MP LaCroes during my battles and ultimate victory at the European Court of Human Rights. My confused colleague MP, you are in no position to question my commitment and the caliber of representation that I provide to the St. Maarten populace. In many instances, I stood alone in these battles, and I am not afraid to stand alone in battles on behalf of the people, in my role as Honorable Member of Parliament.

“I humbly implore the citizens of Sint Maarten to seek all the facts before coming to conclusions. There are many individuals who currently hold public office, that are desperate to be re-elected, and feel the urgent need to have something to highlight their names in the media. They have found themselves in an unfamiliar position, where they can now only rely on cheap media punchlines and petty rhetoric, as the executive powers to “give”, is no longer in their grasps.

“Now that I have set the record straight, I will not entertain any other baseless reactions.

“My name is Sjamira Roseburg. And I will continue to ask the right questions. I will continue to be your advocate for change! And I will continue to give you 5 Star Representation!”