Nagico and Notary Mingo join hands with Baker Tilly to adopt MPC classrooms | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The ‘Keep a cool head’ project, managed by Baker Tilly, providing solar-powered air-conditioning for Milton Peters College (MPC) classrooms, is moving forward. Both Nagico and the Ognim Happy Rescue foundation adopted an MPC classroom for US$ 5,000 last week, totalling the number of classrooms that obtained funding for solar-powered AC’s at five.  

Several MPC alumni work at both Nagico and Notary Mingo, which greatly influenced the companies’ decision to sponsor. ‘Kindly be informed that I am an alumnus from MPC but also Ms. Charlise Philips, Ms. Colleen Lejuez and Mr. James Roumou are alumni’s from MPC.

It is a GREAT effort and project to assist our public schools as the children are OUR future and that of Sint Maarten”, Notary Mingo wrote in her reaction to project manager Baker Tilly. The Notary office incorporated a foundation, the Ognim Happy Rescue Foundation, for all their corporate social responsibility initiatives which will be the classroom adopter and funding partner.

Nagico is one of the larger corporates on St. Maarten and has its Caribbean Head Office in St. Maarten. and is active in 21 territories. The insurance company is also a great advocate of corporate social responsibility. After Irma, Nagico helped 20 seniors furnish their repaired homes. Lisa Brown, marketing manager at Nagico, responded quickly to the project’s sponsor letter. “It is our great pleasure to partner up with the Baker Tilly for the Keep a cool head project”, she said.

Both Nagico and the Ognim Happy Rescue foundation introduced former MPC students that now work for them to current students at MPC. “So, whether it is a career within an insurance company or at a notary, MPC can take you there. That is the message that we want to send out to the MPC kids”, MPC teacher and Keep a cool head project team member Femke Neunzig said.

To honor the sponsor, but mostly to inspire students, the sponsor’s (corporate) resume will be hung on the wall of the adopted classroom. The project team’s graphic designer, Bryan Loic of Artistic Drive, is currently working on the template poster resume. The posters will include answers to questions from current students to the alumni about memorable experiences, things they would change at MPC and advice to present students.  

For more information please contact Baker Tilly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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From left to right: Mrs. Garrin-Harris (MPC teacher), Omar Williams (Baker Tilly and former MPC student), Rebeca Mongen (Notary Mingo, Gracita Richards (Notary Mingo), Jamal Simon (MPC student), Emelda Riley (Notary Mingo), Colleen Lejuez (Notary Mingo and former MPC student), Leedje Anell Bocio Amancio (MPC student), Chante Webster (Baker Tilly), Charlise Philips (Notary Mingo and former MPC student) James Roumou (Notary Mingo and former MPC student.







Source: Souliga Newsday