NAGICO sponsors tools for SXM DOET’s largest volunteering event | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – In support of SXM Doet’s plan to undertake their largest volunteer event, NAGICO Insurances has donated the cost of the work material needed to undertake the project at the Sister Magda Primary School, which is one of the projects being hosted for SXM Doet 2021.

The donation was made in the form of a voucher to a major hardware store where the school will be able to select and pick up their tools at no cost to them.

The project at Sister Magda that will take place on Saturday May 29th, is symbolic to the event, as it marks their 7th anniversary and will focus on completing various projects and odd jobs.

According to Susan Meijnaar, Chairlady of Team Events, Sister Magda Primary School will be enlisting over 40 volunteers from schools, social clubs, foundations & associations to assist with completing the planned tasks.

NAGICO Insurances, was happy to collaborate on this venture and wanted to do their part to facilitate the program.

“Coming together to assist others is basically at the heart of what NAGICO is about, so when we were approached to support this program, we did not hesitate,” Marketing & Customer Retention Manager at NAGICO Lisa Brown said. “It is a challenging period for businesses at the moment given the current state of the economy, but we at NAGICO will continue to provide support to our local partners where possible, as we continue to invest in our community.”

SXM DOET Representative Melanie Choisy, along with Meijnaar accepted the vouchers and thanked NAGICO for their continuous support and encouraged other businesses to become part of the volunteer program which aims to complete several other community projects by the end of this year.

Source: Souliga Newsday