NOW Party Disavows MP Maingrette’s Decision to Leave PM Mercelina Government | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - The NOW Party Board wishes to inform the residents of St. Maarten that the party does not support the recent actions taken by MP Kevin Maingrette. Although MP Maingrette was elected under the NOW Party slate, his decision to leave the PM Mercelina government was made independently and without any prior discussion or consultation with the party board.

During today's parliamentary session, the NOW Party leader was asked to endorse MP Maingrette's move. The party leader declined to entertain this request, emphasizing that MP Maingrette's decision does not reflect the position of the NOW Party.

Given these circumstances, the NOW Party Board calls on MP Maingrette to resign from the NOW Party and pursue any further political agreements as an independent Member of Parliament. The NOW Party and its board unequivocally distance themselves from any decisions made by MP Maingrette, clarifying that such actions do not represent the views or policies of the NOW Party.

The NOW Party remains in support of the coalition under PM Mercelina.